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JESUS CHRIST~~~ This ship would be hella cute!!!
AND I just named it~~
OK bear with me here:
Fact: Sakuno has a thing for Ryoma.
Fact: Ryoma is determined, great at tennis, passionate about what he does and has great discipline—BUT—he’s also distant, unenthusiastic, quiet, aloof and a bit of a pessimist (though he would probably argue realist). 
Fact: Sakuno is incredibly quiet and incredibly shy, so being around Ryoma’s closed-off personality wouldn’t make the best relationship.

Theory: Take away all of Ryoma’s “negative” traits and toss in a more carefree, energetic, radiantly positive and excitable personality?

Therefore: Being around Kentarou’s easy to talk to, happy-go-lucky, infectiously happy persona? THAT would be so perfect for her.

In Addition: Sakuno has a close bond with Tomoka and Horio, who have loud, dramatic and bold personalities which are rather reminiscent of Kentarou’s. Sakuno clearly gravitates towards those types of people, so we know she would enjoy being around Ken.
In Addition: Coach Ryuzaki (aka sakuno’s granny) and Coach Oji are obviously a beautiful match made in heaven. Sakuno and Kentarou are like mini versions of them, so if a=b and b=c, then a=c. 
also Kenchan is one of the few characters whom I’m fully convinced is straight

ok im done

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